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What's in Columbus?

Columbus is a small city (pop. around 24,000 as of 2020) that offers a small town feel and local "hometown" events. If you yearn for more of the city life and shopping, Omaha and Lincoln are to the east and southeast, respectively, less than a two-hour drive away by state highways. To the southwest is Grand Island, a little more than an hour's drive away.

If you're new to Columbus, you'll find that directions to places are usually referenced by businesses on the main drag than by street address, e.g., "Menards? It's on the left side of the street about a block beyond Panda Express, behind the Applebee's." If you're one for appreciating views and scenery, we hope you like corn.

Because of Columbus's desirable central location with respect to large cities, limited space for building residential areas (because of surrounding farmland), and its local manufacturing industry, the housing market is pretty tight here so it may require extra effort/distance to find your preferred living space. Homes are predominantly all-electric, but natural gas is available at some locations.

You find out more about Columbus from these websites:
*There's a new ISP in Columbus, Allo Communications, that offers fiber cable connections; they're not everywhere, yet, so check with them  to see if they have, or plan to, install(ed) fiber in your area.