What We Do

ESU7 Cen7ter is a level three vocational and life skills program supporting students in special education based on their individual needs and the IEP team decision.

Focus of the Program: ESU 7 Cen7ter focuses on building students’ skills in five domain areas:

  • Domestic (home life)
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Vocational
  • Community
  • Social skills

Within each of these domains are embedded skills of:

  • Functional academics
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Motor skills
  • Communication skills
Helping students gain independence in all of these areas are the goals of the Cen7ter staff so that our students become capable and successful citizens that contribute to our community. We also strive to build independence so that our students can function to the best of their abilities in all aspects of their lives.

What does Cen7ter offer students?

  • Specially trained staff
  • Sensory input as needed
  • Motor skills
  • Vocational experiences at job sites (we partner with over 20 local businesses)
  • Instruction customized to each student
  • Environment created to foster positive interactions and learning
  • Community experiences (i.e. movies, bowling, field trips, shopping, etc.)
  • Social interactions to help building communication skills and social understanding with students and staff on a daily basis
The Cen7ter supports students who are building their independent life skills and serves students aged 14-21. The Cen7ter serves 19 school districts: Boone Central Schools, Central City Public Schools, Clarkson Public Schools, Columbus Public Schools, Cross County Community Schools, David City Public Schools, East Butler Public Schools, Fullerton Public Schools, High Plains Community Schools, Howells-Dodge Consolidated Schools, Humphrey Public Schools, Lakeview Community Schools, Leigh Community Schools, Osceola Public Schools, Palmer Public Schools, Schuyler Community Schools, Shelby-Rising City Public Schools, St. Edward Public Schools and Twin River Public Schools


ESU 7 Cen7ter will support each student in learning the skills necessary to make a valuable contribution to society.


ESU 7 Cen7ter will build on student strengths to prepare each for independence in school, community, employment, leisure, and social environments.


These are the ideals we intentionally and relentlessly model, teach, and reinforce:

  • Be Compassionate
  • Be Engaging
  • Be Inspiring
  • Be Positive

Department Staff

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Tamra Clay

Special Education Director
Ext. 1018

Cara Neesen

Student Services Principal
Ext. 1008

Barbara Brockhaus


Rachel Burgess

Cen7ter Special Education Teacher
Ext. 1053

Julia Estrada Chavez


Jeri Glenn


Shanna Griffith

Substitute Teacher
Ext. 1054

Harriet Kibalya


Meredith Rhea

Cen7ter Special Education Teacher



Joanna Terrazas


Michelle Viessman


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Please contact Cen7ter at the numbers below with any questions

Cara Neesen
Student Services Principal - Cen7ter
Phone: 402-564-0815, ext 1008

Tamra Clay
Special Education Director ESU 7
Phone: 402-564-0815, ext 1018