"We walk behind our schools to keep them moving, beside them to help them stay focused and on track, and far enough in front of them to not only see where they are going, but to anticipate their needs."
- Larianne Polk, Administrator


Leadership works to stay informed on current trends and training while promoting growth to foster an environment where service and support can take place. Through purposeful leadership and partnerships with school districts, we support schools in identifying their strengths, analyzing their priorities, setting and reaching their improvement goals.

Professional Development

Professional Development provides services to support improvement of teaching and student learning by focusing on enhancing continuous improvement efforts, and support for achieving district goals.

Technology / Infrastructure

Provides technology support, consultation, assistance, training and skill development for hardware and software, in addition to cost of savings for internet services and software purchases. ESU 7 coordinates distance learning courses for K-12 students and professional development for educators using an alternative method of delivery.

Student Services

Provides Contracted Special Education Services to districts including: Psychology, Speech and Language, Vision, Hearing, Early Childhood, Resource Coach, Behavior Analyst and Program Supervision.

Student Services - Cen7ter

Builds on student's strengths to prepare each for independence in school, their communities, employment, leisure and social environments.

Student Services - Learning Academy

Learning Academy supports students in unlocking their potential by working collaboratively with stakeholders and meeting students where they are academically, behaviorally, and socially to build on their strengths in order to successfully transition back to their prior educational environment.


Facilitates state and federal grants including: Title IA Coop, Migrant Educations (Title I C), Title II A, Title III, Title IV, Carl Perkins, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Early Learning Connection (ELC), Planning Region Team (PRT), Transition and PEak (Promoting Engagement and Knowledge).

Instructional Materials and Resources

Provides Instructional Materials through tangible and online content to support curriculum and instruction.


ESU 7 Offers efficient and cost-effective print shop art media services including copying, collating, stapling, laminating, binding, folding, letters, and symbols, full color poster printing as well as lamination of materials fo support instruction.