PEaK Grant

What We Do:

Annually, ESU 7, in consortium with our 19 public school districts, applies for PEaK (Promoting Engagement and Knowledge) Grant Funds to support the development of a Multi-Tiered System of Support and Continuous Improvement Framework that considers the academic, behavior and social emotional well-being of each student. 

PEaK, formerly known as ILCD (Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities) is a Nebraska Department of Education Initiative designed to enhance program Improvement that will result in better outcomes for children with disabilities. The ESU 7 PEaK Coordinator assists school districts with their improvement activities for students with disabilities. The Facilitator partners with districts to gather and analyze data in collaboration with the Continuous School Improvement Process and to assist in the development of Targeted Improvement Plans. Each Nebraska school district will develop a Targeted Improvement Plan that will lead to better child and student performance and report annually to NDE on the Plan’s progress.

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Kendra Gustafson
Kendra Gustafson
Professional Development Coordinator
MTSS, High Reliability Schools, Continuous Improvement, NWEA Certified Facilitator,
Cognitive Coaching
Ext. 1074
Carolyn Koch
Carolyn Koch
Federal Programs Bookkeeper
Ext. 1039