Program Supervision

What We Do:

The ESU 7 Special Education Department is firmly committed to furnishing exemplary leadership, expert consultation, and unwavering support to member schools and the dedicated staff engaged in special education at ESU 7. Our team, comprising the Special Education Director, Special Education Consultant, Administrative Assistant, and Bookkeeper, assumes a central role in ensuring the seamless execution of special education programs and services.

The core activities within our Program Supervision domain encompass:

Financial Services: Our Special Education Finance Services team occupies a pivotal role in overseeing the financial aspects of special education across our member districts.

Special Education Final Financials: We actively assist member districts in meticulously preparing and rigorously reviewing their special education budgets and expenditures, thereby ensuring both accuracy and strict adherence to state regulations.

MOE Compliance: Our team fervently supports districts in achieving full compliance with the Maintenance of Effort (MOE) requisites, thereby guaranteeing that federal funds are judiciously deployed to bolster special education initiatives.

IDEA Compliance: We furnish expert guidance and support to facilitate member districts' adherence to the mandates outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), encompassing comprehensive guidance on reporting and documentation prerequisites.

Bookkeeper Network: Our network extends dedicated resources and unwavering support to district bookkeepers, enabling them to adeptly navigate the intricate financial terrain specific to special education.

Liaison with NDE: The Special Education Director functions as an indispensable intermediary connecting the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) and our esteemed member districts.

Compliance and Best Practice Consultation: We proffer invaluable guidance to member districts, ensuring that they remain compliant with both state and federal special education regulations, while concurrently sharing best practices to elevate the overall effectiveness of their programs.

Technical Assistance: We stand ready to provide comprehensive technical assistance to our member districts, ensuring that they are thoroughly apprised of the latest regulatory updates and requirements pertinent to IDEA, Nebraska Rule 51, and Rule 52.

File Review Support: Our team is resolute in its commitment to assisting member districts in meticulously reviewing and maintaining precise special education records and documentation.

CAP (Corrective Action Plan) Training: We offer structured training modules and resources to guide districts in addressing compliance issues and crafting robust Corrective Action Plans.

IEP (Individualized Education Program) Facilitation: We are readily available to extend a helping hand in facilitating IEP meetings, thereby ensuring that students with disabilities receive the tailored services and support they rightfully deserve.

Targeted Improvement Support: Our collaboration with districts runs deep, as we collaborate closely to pinpoint areas warranting enhancement and collaborate on the development of strategies designed to elevate the quality of special education services.

Special Education Director Meetings: We actively facilitate regular meetings among special education directors, fostering a vibrant platform for the exchange of information, the deliberation of challenges, and collective brainstorming of solutions.

Professional Development: We wholeheartedly recognize the paramount significance of ongoing professional development for educators. Consequently, we extend an array of specialized professional development opportunities to our esteemed member districts, covering a wide spectrum of topics tailored to teachers and paraeducators, all with the ultimate aim of augmenting the quality of education provided to the students they serve.

Tami Clay
Tamra Clay
Special Education Director
Ext. 1018
Jaclyn Ternus
Jaclyn Ternus
School Psychology Coordinator
Ext. 1049
angela arndt
Angela Arndt
Special Education Administrative Assistant
Ext. 1017
Susan Olmer
Susan Olmer
Ext. 1019