Title IA

What We Do:

ESU 7 contracts with districts for Title I services.  The assistance provided to these districts includes:  support with monitoring and reporting Title 1 program, facilitate trainings for staff to understand monitoring, reporting, and other requirements, coordinate timely communication and updates from NDE, assist districts with collecting, maintaining and reporting Time and Effort logs, assisting with different aspects of the Grant Management System (GMS), prepare, revise, and create projections for the Title 1 budget for each district, provide budget with correct FTE to match NSSRS staff reporting requirements, assist with Non-Public Consultation upon request, assist with program coordination and writing narratives for the grant in GMS, provide Title 1 teacher professional development and assistance.

Carolyn Koch
Carolyn Koch
Federal Programs Bookkeeper
Ext. 1039
Brooke Koliha
Brooke Koliha
Professional Development Coordinator,
Title I Coordinator, English Language Arts, Reading, Cognitive Coaching, NWEA Certified Facilitator
Ext. 1016